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At Manny’s we have the strong foundation of over 5 decades of experience in the sartorial world. Our company mission is to continue offering men’s and women’s clothing for all occasions, ranging from every day, casual , business, and celebratory. Everything we offer is sourced from finest mills under credible suppliers with an established heritage.

Our experience, attention to detail, and our corporate culture of providing the very best in sartorial wear will ensure that your bespoke order will exceed your expectations.

Over 48 years experience in tailoring
over 4,000 satisfied customers

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Men’s Wear

We offer an extensive range of garments, sourced from the finest mills in the world to suit the lifestyle and personality of each distinct dapper gent.  Throughout the decades we have been in business, we have fine-tuned the bespoke process so much so that your comfort and satisfaction with the final product is guaranteed.

We begin by making a few simple inquiries on you and your requirements, after the selection of the garment, your measurements will be taken by our consultant and every minute detail will be on the sheet so that our well-trained craftsmen can familiarise themselves with the intricacies of each individual.

Every detail of the suit is discussed with the client, in fact we encourage it. This step in the process allows clients to truly customise every detail of the suit to their individual preference.

Now we have everything required to begin the construction of your order, our tailors will see to it that your order is stitched to perfection. After their expert tailoring, we send it for a final pressing and the bespoke process is complete.

We then send over the order to the client.

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